Jaroslav Pulicar

Questions & Answers

Who runs this e-shop?

I, Jaroslav Pulicar, run this e-shop. Ordering books here is the best way to support me directly. In return, you will get any book ordered here signed.


How much is the shipping for books?

Country Single book Both books
Czechia €3,00 €5,00
Poland, Slovakia €9,00 €9,00
Germany €10,00 €10,00
Austria, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland €16,50 €17,50
Norway, Spain €19,00 €21,00
United States €16,00 €16,00
everywhere else €20,00 €22,00

If you wish to cut the shipping price, you can always pick the books right at my place in Brno, Czechia. I'll be happy to host you for a coffee. Contact me and we will sort it out.


Are these books in English?

Both books contain mainly photography. All texts by Tomáš PospÄ›ch, Vojta Dukát and Lukáš Bártl are in Czech followed by English translations.


Is there a collector's edition of your books?

There is a limited edition of 50 pieces of the book Pulicar. This limited edition is signed, numbered, contains a gelatin silver handmade signed and numbered photograph and is wrapped in a black cardboard sleeve with a riso print graphics. It is sold exclusively by a couple of galleries/bookshops.

I don't want to favour anyone in particular, so if you are interested...happy googling!


I'd like to have a print of your photograph...

Since there are many variables involved, it is best to contact me to work out the exact details and tailor the shipping.

Other than that, here are some prints readily available. Shipping this way is set flat at Czechia €10,00 and outside Czechia €20,00.


How can I pay?

You can pay either with credit card or via PayPal at checkout.

Other methods, such as bank transfer, are also possible on an individual basis. Contact me if you need to arrange the payment this way.


Further questions?

Contact me here or drop me an email at pulicar.jaroslav@gmail.com